“The most important decisions that business people make are not what decisions, but who decisions.” — Jim Collins, Management Consultant and Author

Using the Predictive Index® suite of assessments and workshops,
HHG Consulting can help you change the dialogue you have about talent in your organization.

We are workplace behavior experts

As a Predictive Index® Certified Partner, HHG Consulting has the solution to your company’s need to find the right people…for today’s needs and for the future.

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The Predictive Index takes the guesswork out of hiring and team building

Hire the Right People

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment identifies a person’s natural tendencies and drives. When team members’ behaviors fit the job and gel with your company culture, you can build a tuned-in, turned-on team that will be focused on achieving your goals.


Build a Supercharged Team

Our solutions help predict future success, so you can place people where they can flourish. When people are in positions that allow them to do what comes naturally, job satisfaction, employee engagement, and performance skyrocket.

ID High Potential Performers

With the Predictive Index Learning Indicator™ we can help you reduce the subjectivity and gut feel in identifying the potential for current team members in future roles.

Solving the people puzzle - Human resources consulting Albuquerque, New Mexico

Solving the People Puzzle

HHG Consulting will help you in the timeless quest of solving the people puzzle.

Hiring on the basis of a résumé is often hit or miss.

When we hire on the basis of a résumé, handshake, and an interview, we’re often surprised when the person who shows up isn’t the person we hired!

Take the guesswork out of hiring and team building.

We take the guesswork out of hiring and talent development by using the Predictive Index suite of products and services designed to address the human capital issues facing companies today.

Build high-performing teams

We’re all about helping companies hiring the right people and building high-performing teams to achieve better results.

Change the conversation about people in your organization.

As a Predictive Index® Certified Partner, HHG Consulting helps companies augment their human capital, not only from a hiring perspective, but from a promotion, team-building, transitioning, and/or succession-planning perspective.  

Leaders for today and for the future

Identify those high potential performers who are suited in behavior and temperament to become your company’s leaders for today and for the future.

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