Predictive Index Certified Partner in Albuquerque

Predictive Index Certified Partner - Albuquerque New Mexico

As an independent Predictive Index ® Certified Partner, we are workplace behavior experts. HHG Consulting has the solution to your company’s need to find the right people and build high performing teams…for today’s needs and for the future.

We are strong believers in knowledge transfer, so the learnings of the Predictive Index are an on-going process, not a one-time event. We offer workshops to enable people in your company to understand themselves and their colleagues better, communicate more effectively with each other, and play to their strengths.

When peoples’ natural tendencies and behaviors fit the job and gel with your culture, you can build a highly-engaged team that will be focused on achieving your goals. Our solutions include:

  • The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment

o   A scientifically-based, validated assessment, backed by over 350 validity studies.

o   Helps you understand how someone responds to their environment and the people in it.

o   Provides insights to workplace behaviors of candidates before hiring them.

o   Predicts aspects of job performance independent from knowledge, skills or abilities.

o   Helps to identify HiPo’s (high potential) employees for growth and succession.

o   Includes coaching guides for individuals, supervisors, and managers.

o   EEOC Compliant.

o   Easy to administer.


Learn More About the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment     The Difference Between Personality Tests and Behavioral Assessments


  • The PI Job Assessment

o   A robust questionnaire that allows 3-5 key people to identify the behaviors needed for a critical position, resulting in an “ideal pattern” to use in screening candidates.

o   In combination with the PI Behavioral Assessment, adds data to decisions.

o   Interview questions that assist in matching positions to the right people.


  • The PI Learning Indicator

o   Another lens to add even more accuracy to your hiring process and development program. The biggest predictor of workplace performance is general cognitive ability.

The combination of the PI Behavioral Assessment and the PI Learning Indicator can increase your accuracy rate six-fold vs. an unstructured interview.
Learn More About the PI Learning Indicator


  • PI Professional Series Workshops
o   What Drives People: PI Fundamentals – This is an introductory “crash course” in all things PI, with the essentials to get your team started. Decode employee drives to understand their motivating needs.
o   Managing People to Perform – Gain insight to the drives and needs of team members, and identify management strategies to help each team member become more engaged and productive in the workplace.
o   Attracting and Selecting Top Performers ­- This workshop brings you through the steps to define and craft a job description, how to find the best-fitting candidates, and how to select and hire the ideal candidate.
o   Becoming a PI Practitioner – identifies how your organization can address key business issues and challenges by utilizing the insights provided by the Predictive Index.


Selling Skills Aptitude Tool™ (SSAT) and Customer Focused SellingWorkshop

o   The SSAT measures the five critical skills for increasing the sales production and customer interaction skills of your whole team. This workshop is customized for each client.

Predictive Index Certified partner in Albuquerque

Our solutions help predict future success, so you can place people where they can flourish. When people are in positions that allow them to do what comes naturally, job satisfaction, employee engagement, and performance skyrocket.