Who are you working with?

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment objectifies workplace behaviors so you can predict the drives and motivations of others, be a better manager, and communicate more effectively.

Objectifying workplace behavior.Predictive-Index-Behavioral-Assessment_HHG_2

The PI Behavioral Assessment is a highly effective, yet simple, science-based assessment that is broken down into four primary behavioral factors, or core drives. These core drives and their relation to each other create a behavioral pattern that provides a simple framework for understanding the workplace behaviors of candidates and employees. The results make it easy to predict workplace behaviors and motivating needs.

Patterns generated by the PI Behavioral Assessment

Takes about 6 minutes to complete
Predictive-Index-Behavioral-Assessment_HHG_3Pair with the PI Learning Indicator to increase your chances of predicting on-the-job performance.

  • Self – Native Drive – “What comes naturally” in a person’s behavior.
  • Self-Concept – How they believe they need to adapt to their work environment.
  • Synthesis – How the person usually behaves in the work environment.

Backed by Science.

Predictive-Index-Behavioral-Assessment_HHG_4The PI Behavioral Assessment is a scientifically validated, free-choice, stimulus response assessment that was created through a normative sample of thousands of people. It has been investigated in nearly 500 criteria-related validity studies across almost all jobs and countries, built to the standards of the American Psychological Association (APA), Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists (SIOP), and the International Test Commission (ITC).